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Corporate Event and Showcooking. Your personalised event in Torino

Hello, everyone!

Today I come back to you with an article about one of the latest events organized by I EAT Food Tours and Events for Turin-based media agency.

Flat Lay della nostra tavola. Team building e cena con showcooking a Torino

Flat Lay of our table. Team building, dining and show cooking, Torino.

As it customary, many reputable companies and businesses organize events to  celebrate the success and the goals achieved thanks to an essential teamworking.

These days a great way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the good work done by your team is to invite them out to dinner… the new way, so to speak.

Although joining an excellent meal at the restaurant makes always a beautiful option, now more than ever many companies are looking for stimulating, meaningful experiences. Training activities that concretely involves participants in an experience of strengthening and consolidating the work team through the metaphor of cooking. They seek for that intriguing touch of novelty to engage their team on a deeper and more significant level.

Team Building e show cooking Torino

Team Building and show cooking with Chef Abram, Torino


Team building aziendale. Design by Cecilia Puca e Abram Stringa - I EAT. Food Tours and Events.

Corporate Team Building and show cooking . Design by Cecilia e Abram – I EAT. Food Tours and Events.

And so, a few weeks ago I EAT. Food Tours and Events organized a team building event with dining and show cooking for a Turin-based communication agency  marketing agency.

I’ll tell you all about it.


a room filled with furniture and a fire place

Guardian of precious memories, we chose Palazzo Graneri della Roccia (1700), now the seat of Il Circolo dei lettori for this corporate event. Circolo dei Lettori is an emporium of culture, incubator for new ideas that convey in a space where past, present and future gloriously intertwine and give birth to a unique and timeless dimension in which we wanted our attendees be able to try unprecedent flavours in a dreamy atmosphere.


Orange is the new black. Un piatto fish based che risponde ai principi della dottrina dei 5 sapori.

Orange is the new black. Fish based dish made by chef Abram in accordance with the doctrine of five flavours.

Let’s look a bit more in details at the theme we focus to plan this experience.

In this regard, using our palette of heterogeneous skills, I proposed Chef Abram to create a Yin & Yang menu.

think different...

Show cooking and sensory games. Your exclusive event in Turin, designed by Chef Abram and Cecilia – I EAT Food Tours and Events

That was partially for the recent restoration of the small treasure of great beauty that is the Chinese Living Room (Salotto Cinese), one of the most fascinating rooms of the Palace.

But that’s not all, of course. As a matter of fact, the worldview in Chinese culture is so interesting! It is holistic, dynamic, dialectical. Now, without going into too much detail, Taoism applies well to the business context and certainly goes well with the gastronomic discourse – which is all about recreating the harmony of opposites, the dynamic balance (only apparently oxymoron) of sweet / salty / bitter / sour / spicy, in accordance with what is called the doctrine of the 5 flavours.

Of course, at this point we have fully entered the territory of Chef Abram, who also loves Asian cuisine, especially Chinese, Indian and Indonesian.


We split the group into two different teams – Yin Team and Yang Team.

Starting from a series of ingredients provided by the chef, the teams were invited to prepare a creative salad in a limited time and to choose the ideal plate on which to present it – among those we made available for them.

Each team had to assign a name to their dish and, last but not least, come at the table of the diner (myself) showing off the best communication skills (and persuasive, to some extent) to the advantage of their salad.

a cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table


The team building activity, although it was a fun and lively one, has been designed in such a way as to allow each group to field a substantial series of skills.

Chef Abram and myself reviewed the elements below:

-Balance of flavours;

-Visual component;

-Team working;

-Tension towards common objectives;

-Communication chosen to convince the diner to assign the vote to their own team


To avoid the static nature of dining just sitting at a table, we proposed instead an interactive aperitif, where chef Abram guided the participants through some sensory games that deserved the hastag of #thinkdifferent.

Then we moved on to the team building activity and finally we served three courses sitting at the table, always maintaining active communication with the chef, who took care of the preparation or finishing of some dishes live in front of the diners.

This formula worked very well and it was really appreciated.

The teams were amazing. They had fun, worked cohesively and presented interesting project ideas. Above all, they spent an exquisitely pleasant evening, which took place in a Savoy environment, important, precious but at the same time surrounded by a happy and informal atmosphere. Celebrating the success collected in 2022 and already toasting to future ones.

We, for our part, are thrilled to have created this event, making beautiful memories to add to our 2022 happy moments box!

We are waiting for nothing more than to enrich the current year just entered with new exciting adventures.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to wish you the best. Be happy and make your wishes happen.


About the author:

I am a social researcher, specialized in socio anthropology of food. Since 2017 I have been creating gastronomic experiences and  private & corporate events through a multidisciplinary and creative approach.  In 2018 I founded I EAT. Food Tours and Events in Turin.