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Christmas Gift Vouchers Available | Elevate Your Christmas Gifts

So that’s the same old story: how can I surprise my partner/family/friends/colleagues with a not usual, thoughtful and delightful Xmas gift?

Well, you know what’s new? We got the perfect solution for you. ‘Cause your dear ones may have everything they want already… Although they haven’t tasted the magic of our culinary experiences yet, right?

And so our sensational foodie adventures in Turin are your chance to elevate your Christmas gifts this year, and all year round actually!

Let’s explore the delightful offerings for you:


A tantalising festival of flavours.

Chef Abram and I are looking forward to giving you and your beloved a multi sensory experience in some of our favourite spots in town.

Those we love the most and that are runned by passionate and likeminded people with whom we share a similar approach to life and business. Well, it goes without saying that we are crazy for their food and products too!

This food tour is a true treat for your tastebuds, actually all your senses will have a blast!

Antonio Chiodi Latini. Veggies carousel

Eat the rainbow with Antonio Chiodi Latini vegetarian carousel. Some of the most iconic traditional dishes reproduced according to the visionary gastro-philosophy of a man who uses to define himself as a cuoco delle terre, the chef of lands.

Turin best street food

Street Food Tour D’luxe. Tastes of Turin. Food that makes you hungry and especially happy! 🙂

Traditional fresh egg pasta, stuffed with three types of roasted meat. Cute and delicious!

Traditional fresh egg pasta, stuffed with three types of roasted meat. Cute and delicious!

The street food tour D’luxe we have designed for you it’s a fully narrated, educational and vibrant immersion into the tastes, vibes & lifestyle of the former Italian capital.

This food tour is a can’t miss experience for every gastronaut. Just perfect for those who have a curious palate and love to dive deep into a destination going through its legendary food, in the company of passionate locals. Both Abram and I cannot wait to be part of your Xmas gift, you know?

Visit the link above to get more information and details and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or requests: we are here to help you!

Also, follow our IG and Fb accounts for more pictures 🙂



Pills of chocolate are the only ones we love!

Chocolate & Sweets Tour in Turin.

How much do we love pampering our fantastic guests? Well, I am sure you got it right: so so much! And that’s because when we make you feel happy and satisfied we feel the same way. So it’s a win win, isn’t it?

And so tell me what’s the cuddler food par excellence?

Did you say chocolate? That’s correct!

Both me and Chef Abram are ready to give you and your dear ones a chocolate he(ART) experience that is an authentic sensory bliss.

Chocolate opens up a world of possibilities (and pleasure too) and that’s the same for art. Without getting too much into details, our chocolate and sweet tour is just perfect for those who are open to live an interactive, visionary, educational and conversational chocolate tasting and adventure that is one of a kind… in one of the European chocolate capitals: Torino!

Gelato made in Turin



Pizza Gourmet in Turin, Italy

Pizza in teglia romana, aka pizza in a pan typical from Rome. 2 times best pizza in teglia of Italy!

What a perfect combo, right? I mean, no capture needed 🙂

This food tour allows you to taste a selection of premium pizzas, yes, pizzas, as in Italy the most loved food in the world is always plural.

Of course let’s don’t forget perhaps one of the best gelato experiences of Italy.

Sounds too much pretentious? It is not, promise!

This food tour makes an ideal gift… for anyone, actually! Who doesn’t love pizza e gelato, after all? 🙂



Born and raised in Turin, born in 1786, to be precised, the aperitif custom is a timeless and a must try experience at the same time. We’d like giving you kind of a quirky experience. Not usual locations to mesmerise your sights and definitely interesting food and cocktails to join for a memorable evening out. A design pizza is included.

Aperitif experience



Cooking Classes in Turin

Cooking Classes in Turin

Cooking class Torino

Cooking Classes in Turin

Oh boy, do you know anything more fun than cooking all together in Italy, guided by a Top International and super friendly chef?

Well, that’s for sure on of the most exciting activities to give as a very special present.

Whether it’s a team building experience, a bachelorette party or an intensive bootcamp for food and cook lovers, Chef Abram is there to teach them how to make pure magic in the kitchen.

Seriously! 😉

Check out our cooking classes’ samples and let us know if you are looking for something entirely custom: love personalising your treat!


Private Experiences

Virtual Cooking Team Building Event

Virtual Cooking Classes live from Turin.

Who say that if it’s virtual it’s not fun?

Virtual cooking class. Christmas gift certificate

Private Virtual cooking class. Christmas gift voucher

Virtual Cooking Team Building

Virtual Cooking Team Building

Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual Cooking Class

Over the last one and half year we’ve been helped out houndreds of people to  throw delicious online birthday & anniversary parties.

Lots of companies to organize their eventful team building cooking experiences.

Many many passionate home cooks to update their culinary skills and cooking knowledge.

All this… virtually!

As we use to say, virtual is real if you make it meaningful. We certainly do so!


Our personalised travel planning service makes a wonderful gifts if your dear ones are looking for a stress free culinary vacation, in which they will be capable to absorb the true essence of the charming Piedmont region by following a fully design itinerary focused on top-notch food & wines and hearful locations.

Travel Planning to Italy

Personal travel planner

Dining in the vineyard in Piedmont

Personal Travel Planning Service in Italy

Cecilia, your personal travel planner

Open your arms to magic!

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Just some quick details about the culinary vacation in Piedmont :

  • DURATION 5 days/4 nights (fully customisable, though)
  • ACCOMODATION A historical Barolo winery that has been turned into a beautiful resort with a tennis court and a pool. The facility is situated in the middle of the Barolo hills offering spectacular views towards famous Barolo estates and vineyards.
  • AGES All ages
  • PRICES On request, according with the activities you’d like us to plan for you and the season you choose
  • BOOKINGS If you are interested to book your holiday during the high season (May-Oct) one year prior to the arrival date is highly recommended. Of course you can always contact us for availabilities.
  • HOW MANY PEOPLE customised plan from 2 guests to 17 people. Contact us if you are a larger group.
  • LOCATION Turin city and Piedmont’s most gorgeous and hidden surroundings, including Unesco Sites such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba (the capital of Slow Food) and more.
  • TOP HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE FOR Couple, Families, friends, food explorers, food passionate, food professionals, companies. Also perfect for micro wedding cerimonies, bachelorette parties, birthdays celebrations, team building activities.


It is very simple.

The link below connects you with the “Gift Card” page on our website

1. Purchase a Christmas gift card with a value of your choosing and send it to your own email.

2. Contact us  with the message you’d like to attach to the gift card

3. Let us create a personalised Christmas voucher wto deliver to your dear ones the day of your choosing.

4. “WOW” your partner/family/friends/team and score 11 with an amazing Christmas Gift from Italy!

Please, note that the gift card doesn’t expire.

Feel free to reach out to us for more info or if you have any requests.

Meantime, sending you lovely and tasty vibes from Torino, Italy.

Cecilia & Chef Abram