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Cooking Events. Team Building Experience | I EAT Food Tours

Virtual Cooking Team Building

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Virtual Cooking Events:  delicious team engagement experiences.

Virtual Events, as much as the In-person ones- are about human beings gathering together for sharing common goals and values.

For creating community and connections.

And so what’s one of the most powerful, transformative and inspirational tools that helps generating and nurturing a sense of belonging?

Well, I believe we all agree that food (and cooking) always accomplishes the mission to make us fell close and, indeed, connected somehow.

That’s the reason why – now almost one and half year ago- we decided to create different kinds of live virtual cooking events, straight from the country of the Dolce Vita.

Virtual Cooking Team Building

Virtual Cooking Team Building for Adobe India

Virtual Cooking Team Building Event

Virtual Events: less effort and engagement?

No and no are the correct answers, in our opinion and according to our direct experience.

Although you might believe virtual events require less time and effort than the In person experiences, virtual events are very challenging and yet emotionally powerful – if the aim is creating true engagement among the attendees.

The obvious question is: how?

How do you make an impact to your audience and incorporate the 5 senses in your virtual experience if you only have power on what people see and hear?

5 factors to keep in mind when designing a virtual event

 1. Audience: before setting up the strategy of your event you must focus on your audience

2. Wow Factor – Aka Visually Captivating

3. Human Touch – Be a human face in a digital world

4. Out of the box ideas: it’s time to innovate and conduct engadging, effective and not usual virtual connections and events to promote creativity and team cooperation. To encourage team and collective decision making…

5. Emotional Relevance: meaningful, that’s the watchworld. And meaningful is all about emotions.

Oh, of course do not forget to have fun along the way!

Virtual cooking class. Christmas gift certificate

Virtual cooking class live from Turin to Canada


Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual Cooking Course

Virtual Team Building Activity

Chef Abram for Circular Kitchen, a Virtue Gastronomic model. A workshop designed for Cresting Circular Economy, aim to highlight the importance of no waste (yes taste) in the kitchen and to make our eating habits more responsible and conscious about the eco system we are living in.

Note: video courtesy Cresting Edition

Circula Economy and Circular Kitchen

Virtual Cooking Class. Circular Kitchen

Plus values of virtual events

Although virtual events have some objective limits, on the other hands they also got some powerful plus values to take into account.

Let’s now review some of those.

  1. Environmentally conscious
  2. Cost Effective
  3. No travel time
  4. Great way to reach a large audience
  5. Stimulating and  transformative

Virtual  Team Building & Cooking Classes: what a great combo!

Cooking requires guesswork and improvisation Experimentation, Substitution, Transformation. Dealing with failure in avery creative way. That’s why a a cooking experience, though virtually, makes a perfect team building activity.

As professionals involved in food tourism and events, we love creating experiences  with a profound emotional relevance that take inspiration from the heterogeneous universe of food. As a matter of fact, food opens up a world of possibilities and it is one of the greatest connectors that call people into communities.

Look forward to having you in one of our team building cooking session. Whether virtual or In person

Thanks for reading this and feel free to share the blog post with anyone who might be interested.


Cecilia and Chef Abram

Article Author: Cecilia Puca

About the author:

Italian sociologist and social researcher, culinary tourism strategist and creator of experiences. Self confessed spiritual junkie, with a deep holistic and creative approach to life and business, life long learner and multi passionate, I adore dialogue, meeting people from all over the world and creating significant connections and meaningful experiences going through one of my favourite tools ever: food!