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COOKING WITH CHEF ABRAM. Cooking Classes and Team Building in Turin, Italy.



Cooking with chef Abram in Turin, Italy

Cooking Team Building in Turin, Italy

Infused with uniqueness, designed to stimulate creativity and made to increase collaboration, our lively team
building cooking classes are led by Chef Abram, a Top International chef, and co-hosted by Cecilia Puca, culinary tourism
strategist and event creator.


Chef Abram I EAT food tours Torino

Meet Chef Abram, co founder of I EAT. Food Tours and Event Planning






















Cecilia, culinary tourism strategist. Creator of experiences

Meet Cecilia. Co-founder of I EAT. Food Tours and Event Planning 

People centred, interactive, informative and effective, they are focused on creating significant moments to treasure, empowering your culinary skills and making you feel happy!

Cooking Class Turin, Italy

Cooking Classes with Chef Abram. Turin, Italy

When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the
real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear:
To make people happy! That is what cooking is all about”.

Cooking Classes in Torino

Cooking Team Building with Chef Abram.

Who leads the Cooking Class?

Abram is a Dutch Michelin Starred Restaurants Chef living in Turin, Italy.
He spent over twenty years of his career working for the finest spots and

Food Experiences Torino

Food Eperiences with ched Abram in Turin Italy

starred restaurants of Benelux and Northern Italy.

He also catered for Prime Ministers, the Royal Dutch Family and even U.S. President – in cooperation with the Okura Hotel and Restaurant and the 2 Michelin star Ciel Blue in Amsterdam.

In 2014 he moved to Torino to live with his fiancée, being finally capable to turn his Italian dream into reality.
After working in partnership with a historical Michelin star restaurant in the centre of Turin, in 2017 he co-founded his own culinary events & travels company in Torino, which received many awards for the white gloves services.

Food concept designer since 2005, Abram in now involved in the creation of a new food product and international food concept that will be launched in Milan and Miami soon.
His motto in the kitchen in “Make the ordinary EXTRA-ordinary”. The secret ingredient of his recipes? Always love.

Graduated in Sociology, culinary tourist strategist and event creator, Cecilia uses to define herself as “something defined yet never definitive”.
Self confessed spiritual junkie, with a deep holistic and creative
approach to life and business, life long learner and multi passionate, Cecilia adores dialogue, meeting people from all over the world and creating significant experiences with a profound emotional resonance.
In 2017, after spending several years working first as a researcher for the University of Study of Turin – and then as a stress worked related specialist for FCA and CNHi – she decided to explore a new set of interests, investigating the ritual, symbolic, communicational, aggregative and cultural aspect of food in the
post modern society – and analyzing the motivations for traveling.
Her studies and researches have given rise to I Eat. Food Tours & Event Planning.

Eventi a Torino

Hosting the launch of a food product in Turin, Italy.



















How doest the Cooking Class work?

We love customising your very own culinary event of team building. Please, feel free to reach out to us to explore what are our offerings and to find out how we can create the most fun, delicious, interactive and effective experience according with the goal you want to achieve.

Cooking with Chef Abram

Cooking with Chef Abram in a professional kitchen in the center of Torino

Skills involved in the cooking class:

• Brainstorming
• Negotiation
• Problem Solving
• Team working
• Leadership
• Creative thinking
• Cooking skills

Sample Event Agenda

6.30 pm Let’s get this party started! Welcome Reception
7.30 pm Chef Abram explanation of the dish to make
+ Notes of Food Tales by Cecilia
8.00 pm Tight your apron: ready to food ‘n roll?
10.30 pm Who’s the winner team? Chef’s Vote + Award ceremony.
11.00 pm Tutti a tavola! And now, let’s eat! 🙂
0.00 am Thank you for cooking with us!
0.15 am Curtains

Cooking with chef abram

Cooking with chef Abram

We are ready to cook up some delightful team spirit with you: are you?

a book sitting on top of a table

Look forward to making incredibly delicious your next team building and gathering.

Please, visit our website and discover what we could do together.

Do you have something very specific in mind? Let’s connect and talk about it: for sure we can help you out.

With Love from Torino,

Cecilia and Chef Abram

Note: Thanks for reading and thank you in advance if you’ll share this post with someone who might like to join a cooking class in Torino!

Blog post author: Cecilia Puca, I EAT. Food Tours and Event Planning.

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