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Virtual Cooking Classes

Live from Italy with Chef Abram

Private Experiences Led by a Top Chef, Designed to Highlight and Improve Your Cooking Skills

Learn how to make some mesmerizing menus while joining an interactive, 100% hands-on, effective and informative virtual cooking class, led by a Top Chef and co-hosted by a passionate storyteller.

  • Private virtual cooking classes 1 to 10 persons (corporate, up to 99 screens)
  • Different Menu options and class formats
  • Professional Multi Camera and swither system to ensure the best experience

On request:

  • Totally tailored virtual cooking parties/celebration in unique locations
  • Fully personalised menu proposals
  • Tailor made team building activities proposals (according to the goal your team wants to achieve)

Italy live at your table

Virtual team building & corporate events available! Want us to create your next event? We can’t wait to host you and your colleagues on a virtual event!

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Select from one of our cooking classes: *Italian Classics with a twist, *Fresh pastas from scratch or a fully *Vegetarian delight!

Our cooking classes are also a perfect gift for any special occasion. Select a gift certificate and sent to a friend, colleague or loved one.

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We take care of everything! Chef Abram will be your personal concierge as we get you ready for your cooking class!

We even host a 15 minute Kitchen Prep. Session via Zoom to review your Shopping List and answer any questions to get ready for your cooking class. We even check your camera settings!

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At the time of your cooking class, the chef will video call you through Zoom meetings! Ask anything you want, it’s just you and him!

Get private coaching, personal tips, and have some tasty fun together! Three hours and three dishes later… say goodbye to your private chef and enjoy an epic meal.

Italian Classics Cooking Classes

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CARBONARA. Guanciale (cheek lard), Roman Pecorino cheese, eggs, salt and pepper… Just 5 ingredients to make the most loved pasta in the world (according to Coldiretti, which is based on Doxa data). Learn how to make carbonara like a trueblood Roman and delight your palate with this indulgent pasta dish!

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STUFFED VEAL ROLLS IN TOMATO SAUCE. Call it braciole or involtini depending on where you are in Italy and you are talking about meat, specifically thin veal slices that are rolled around a stuffing of breadcrumbs, cheese, herbs, vegetables, ham or pancetta.

Pasta Making Cooking Classes

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In Italy we have a dish that is much loved in the winter season: gnocchi alla bava! Which “bava” meaning velvety and indulgent cheese sauce (usually 4 but we can do it with 2 or 3 as well).
Gnocchi di patate (potatoes gnocchi) + bava sauce is the ultimate comfort food!
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Farfalle pasta are the cutest and the funniest to make from scratch! Also, they are so very delicious especially in combination with a sensational home made pesto (made in the mortar, if you have one).
Would you like to create perhaps the most loved pasta dish in the Liguria region, home land of pesto?
Let’s add some boiled potatoes & green beans to your farfalle al pesto!?
You gonna love it, promise!

Vegetarian Delights Cooking Classes

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CAPONATA. The most classic Sicilian appetizer – or side dish- and one of the most juicy and irresistable vegetarian dishes ever. Caponata is a triumph of veggies, colors and flavours, which are both sweet and sour.
Discover this delightful recipe with Chef Abram and you’ll make it over and over again! 

Team Building & Corporate Events