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Top reasons why you should take a food tour – I EAT Food Tours Turin

a group of tourists standing in front of Del Cambio

Food Tours: why you should take one in every visited city

Food Tours have became one of the most meaningful, and certainly delicious, ways of developing tourist destinations. In fact, the food image of a city is a crucial component to stimulate curiosity and attract an audience who is interested to explore a new city eating his way through it.

Food has always been a powerful catalyst for discovery and connections; it’s influential, symbolic, transformative. A significant and delightful tool to use in order to highlight many important socio anthropological and historical aspects – to promote and preserve the culinary heritage and, ultimately, to support the local community.

a man and a woman standing in front of a store

Shopping wines in Turin

This blog post aims to showcase the most peculiar reasons why you should take a food tour in  every visited city… and why you should not miss out the chance to treat yourself with a food tour experience in Torino, Italy.

For that matter, the country of The Dolce Vita has certainly built up a strong reputation in terms of culinary highlights, although there are some sort of unspoiled  destinations that, despite a rich and precious gastronomy culture, are not really well known abroad- not enough, at least. And Turin, former Italian capital, is among the treasures you should know.

a large stone building

Piazza San Carlo, Torino


9 Reasons why a food tour is a “can’t miss” culinary adventure

Whether you are familiar with food tours or are planning to try this kind of experience soon, find why you should join a culinary experience in every visited city in 9 points (there are more, though!).
a woman standing in front of a group of people posing for the camera

Chocolate and sweet delights, eating your way through Turin with I EAT Food Tours

  1. It’s an in-depth culinary voyage that allows you to explore the local customs + traditions in a fun and delicious way, through a carefully selected variety of typical local dishes/products;
  2. It’s a great way to discover the hidden culinary gems, those where locals like to go, hence to avoid tourists’ traps and receive insights + tips about restaurants, eateries and shops to get the best meals at fair prices;
  3. It’s a thoughtful way to support the small locally owned and run businesses (a thoughtful orientated food tour should promote those kind of establishments).
  4. It gives you a multifaceted overview of your new destination and it adds value to your experience for it gives you context. It’s not about sampling food, it’s about creating a significant & educational time.
  5. Food is shared with food explorers from across the world. How beautiful to meet up with a community of like-minded people and to be united in the name of food!
  6. Let’s do not forget the fun: food tours are so much fun!
  7. It makes a great choice if you’re travelling with your kids/teens, for food is always a good subject to involve any audience. Plus, everything can be customised in order to let them enjoy themselves, too, while learning, savouring and having a nice time with the family;
  8. It gives you a multilayers overview of your new destination and it adds value to your experience for it gives you context. It’s not just a mere food itinerary where you are suppose to taste food, it’s an educational trip aims to create significant memories.
  9. It’s run by local passionate and knowledgeable food experts, people who live, love and know the city and can’t wait to tell everything about it through their eyes!
a man and a woman taking a selfie

Look forward to meeting you in Torino! Cecilia & Abram – Co-Founders of I EAT and Turin’s food ambassadors

Why you should join a food tour in Turin, Torino – Italy

a group of people sitting in front of a store

Food & Wine Tour in Turin with I EAT Food Tours

Finest wines of Italy. Niche wines and special wine cellars to visit

Finest wines of Italy. Barolo DOCG 2001, Bricco Sarmassa


In case you are doubting the culinary credentials of Turin, I’d like to give you some good (literally) reasons why the former Italian capital is a gastronomic oasis not to be missed.
  • -Chocolate & Coffee: oh my, there’s so much to tell about this powerful combo! For instance: did you know that the first wrapped foil chocolates were invented in Turin, back to 1865? Their challenging name is “Giandujotti” – hazelnut chocolates that are one of a kind in Piemonte. Coffee is another subject to highlight when in Turin. Lavazza Coffee, known worldwide, is a local family brand established in Turin in 1895. Do not miss the chance to explore the extraordinary chocolate, coffee and confectionery world made in Turin during our exquisite Chocolate & sweet tour!  Meantime, you may wan to get an overall picture about the History of Turin’s Best Coffee on which I tell you more in one of my previous blog post:  The History Of Turin’s Best Coffee Houses | La Dolce Torino | I Eat Food Tours 
a close up to Il Giandujotto di Torino

Il Giandujotto di Torino

a car parked in front of a truck

Lavazza Museum, Torino

  • Pasta. Eggs Fresh Staffed Pasta, to be precise. Such as the unimitable Agnolotti del Plin: tiny and delightful pasta parcels, filled with three types of roasted meat (usually pork, beef and chicken). If ravioli are spread throughout the peninsula, and can be stuffed with practically any kind of filling (ricotta & spinach, cheese, pumpkin and so on) the iconic Agnolotti del Plin only belong to Piedmont – and the filling is always made with 3 different roasted meats Btw, they are one of the dishes we can’t wait to delight you with during our top rated Street Food Tour Deluxe. 

    a bowl of food on a plate

    Agnolotti del Plin, a classic of Piedmont cuisine, from our Street food tour deluxe in Turin

  • The most diverse and sophisticated cuisine of Italy. The Italian peninsula is a multiverse of goodness of any kind and our food, from North to South, never stops amazing the palate of people across the globe. The land is generous in premium ingredients and wines, although there’s one region that is objectively characterised by the largest variety of local dishes, food products, patisserie and confectionery that all show a unique and distinctive style: Piedmont.  From Alba white precious truffles to hazelnuts. From cheeses to pedigree wines.  From hazelnut chocolate to special dessert and a beautiful panorama of savoury dishes, all of these regional foods can have potential values to influence the decisions and behaviors of tourists.
a close up of food

Vitello tonnato, veal with tuna sauce. Ancient recipe by Pellegrino Artusi

Uova al tartufo bianco d'Alba.

White Alba Truffle shaved on fried eggs. The most luxury breakfast in Piedmont!

Alba White Truffle. Diamonds of the ground

Legendary Piedmontese Noodles (Tajarin) with butter sauce and white truffle from Alba

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food and cheese

Cheese and Wine Tasting from our Street Food Tour deluxe in Turin

a woman sitting on a table

Chocolate in Turin with I EAT Food Tours

I EAT. Food Tours in Turin: come to join us for a festival of flavours!

a group of people sitting at a table posing for the camera

Turin Food Tour and foodies joining Abram

Would you like to know why should you join us during your stay in the former Italian capital?
Well, the ones below are some of our point of strenght!
– We are a family business and a visionary team who put time, effort, creativity and thoughtfulness to create more than just food tours. I EAT. Food Tours aim to provide the most inspiring, unique and enriching food experiences to our global clientele;
– We are colorful, cheerful, knowleadgeable and sincerely in love with our job, committed to the special mission to make people happy through food;
-Hospitality is mostly about human touch, and we are proud to tell you that is one of the aspect in which we excel;
– We have carefully curated a series of culinary experiences in order to let you pick and absorb the essence, the DNA of Turin by eating your way through it;
– There’s a plethora of things to see and food to try in Turin, we have done the homework for you!
– Our party of flavours are plenty of different local specialities you won’t miss out! We like the idea of offering you a beautiful variety of tastings: it’s fun, delicious, interesting and fulfilling: both for your stomach and your spirit, especially!
-We kindly invite you to read what other food travellers have written about us and to hear (read) from them why you should join our food tours and culinary experiences in Turin.
IMPORTANT NOTE: No two food tours are alike. Not even in the same city.

Culinary Tours to enhance the potential of a tourist destination

We strongly believe that culinary tourism  would significantly enhance the potential of any tourist destination. Especially when there’s a huge and precious history, culture and food scenario to preserve and worth to share, like in Piedmont and in its capital, Torino.
As local experts in gastronomic and immersive tourism we put our 1000% to create well structured high-quality experiences to attractively represents local culture to potential international visitors. Since 2018 we have successfully and autonomously developed independent tourism marketing programs to stimulate tourist’ desire and interest in our city and supported almost 100 local small businesses.
The results obtained to date demonstrate that we are on the right path and for that we thank all the amazing food lovers and explorers we keep on hosting in our glorious and delicious city of many parts, wonders and flavours.


It’s always such a pleasure and I’d say a privilege, too to meet with an international community of food explorers and generate together growth and value through curated and immersive food adventures in Torino.

That said, take a food tour with us in Torino and wherever you have a chance: laughter is brighter in the place where food is!

Gino D’Acampo, Celebrity chef, and Jessie D’Acampo joined I EAT Food Tours in Turin

Jessie D’Acampo, wife of celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, and her lovely mom Elizabeth, joining our chocolate experience in Turin

Btw, Piedmont and its capital Torino have been recently 100% approved by the great Stanley Tucci, too!  You can check my previous blog post to discover more.
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Looking forward to having you as our foodies guests!
Thanks for reading.
Love from Torino,
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About the author

Cecilia Puca,

Sociologist specialised in immersive gastronomic tourism, self confessed spiritual junkie, out of the box thinker and emphatic by nature, I love meeting people from around the globe and making impactful experiences through food and a multidisciplinary approach that reflects my diverse background and set of interests.

In 2018 I co founded my own business, I EAT. Food Tours in Torino, and have became a local food teller & ambassador. I carefully curate food tours, team building activities and culinary vacations in Piedmont. I am also the content creator for this website and the social networks connected to IEFT.

Distinguishing mark: severe case of Wanderlust (or Wanderland!). Plus: I am never the same age in the same day, that’s why I have friends of all ages!