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Street Food Tour D’luxe | Turin Gourmet

Savour Turin's Culinary Charm and Authentic Vibes

Quick Details

Going beyond the ordinary street food scene, our culinary journey extends far beyond a typical food tour. Immerse yourself in tastings set indoors, a special treat heightened by the warmth, especially welcoming during colder seasons.

Shared Tour
Adult Price
Drink Card: Add at least 2 alcoholic drinks. You can choose wine, beer or other drinks (ages 18+)
Private Tour
Adult From
Drink Card: Add at least 2 alcoholic drinks. You can choose wine, beer or other drinks (ages 18+)
Aperitif Box: Enjoy a local charcuterie board and a glass of prosecco before your restaurant tastings.
Up-to 3 y.o.
4 to 10 y.o.
Cancellation Up to 24 hours in advance
Solo Traveler Kindly reach out to us before booking to confirm availability!

Street Food Tour D’Luxe | Turin Goumet – The Ultimate Experience that you Cannot Miss!


Discover Turin’s culinary wonders with our Street Food Tour D’Luxe:

An extraordinary culinary odyssey curated by Cecilia & Chef Abram. Dive into the rich tapestry of Turin’s gastronomic landscape as you savor a meticulously crafted gourmet adventure. Let the expertise of a Michelin-trained chef and a local gastronome unveil the city’s culinary treasures, promising an unforgettable journey through the flavors of Turin.

Unforgettable Gourmet Experience:

Experience the city’s most tantalizing flavors unfold before you, from gourmet street eats to the finest creations of local artisans and the timeless ambiance of Turin’s iconic restaurants. Let us redefine your perception of street food as we celebrate the rich diversity and exquisite tastes that Turin has to offer.

What’s on the Menu

  • At the restaurant or wine bar, enjoy tastings beginning with 4 exquisite antipasti (starters) inspired by Turin’s and Piedmont’s culinary heritage, followed by a traditional pasta dish that captures the essence of the season
  • Award-Winning’ Pizza Romana al Taglio
  • Typical Sicilian & Piedmontese Street Food Tasting’s
  • Bottle of Refreshing Water
  • Your choice of Espresso, Macchiato or Cappuccino
  • Your choice of sweet tasting: Seasonal selection of Chocolate or Gelato
  • Upgrade your Experience with the “I Eat. Drink Card”, add your wines or beer for just €15 more!
  • Enhance your Private Experience with our “I Eat. Aperitif Box” for just €20 extra! Enjoy a local charcuterie board and a glass of bubbles before your restaurant tastings. Indulge in a selection of local specialty cheeses, salami, prosciutto, and a refreshing glass of prosecco or your choice of drink.

Offering enough food & drinks to replace a meal for the day;

Enjoy generous portions and delectable offerings that leave both your stomach and spirit fully satisfied. Book now for an unforgettable culinary journey that delights your taste buds and creates lasting memories. Join us and let your 8000 taste buds have a blast!

“Tastings and locations vary by season, ensuring a fresh and delightful experience every time”

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate food enthusiasts dedicated to sharing the essence of Turin’s culinary culture. With our expertise and knowledge, we provide an immersive culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Exclusive Insider Access:

Discover hidden culinary gems and fascinating stories behind Turin’s gastronomic treasures. As local food educators and ambassadors, we offer exclusive insights into the city’s culinary heritage, allowing you to connect with Turin’s vibrant food culture on a deeper level.

Did you catch Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy”? Here’s a secret: Chef Abram was the former head chef of the historic restaurant featured in the Piedmont episode, where Tucci savored the legendary Finanziera dish. Join us, and Chef Abram will share behind-the-scenes stories and take you on a culinary adventure inspired by Tucci’s journey.

Custom Experiences:

Looking for something special? Let us tailor a private culinary experience that reflects your tastes and interests. Whether it’s a personalized food tour or a unique culinary workshop, we’re here to create unforgettable memories for you. Contact Us Here!


Where to Meet

  • We will meet in the centre of Turin, the exact starting location address will be send to you after your booking one day before the tour date.
  • Parking possibilities in the parking lot ‘Via Roma, Piaza San Carlo, Piazza Castello’.
  • If you come by bus: From Porta Susa railway station, take the bus nr 13 or 56. Stop ‘Piazza Castello’.

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