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Blogs By Cecilia

Artist Lights Festival, ATP Finals, Cioccola-Tò & Much More. November in Torino is Wonderful!

Luci d’Artista, ATP Finals, Cioccola-Tò and much more. November events in Turin. Despite its always composed and elegant air, I usually say that Turin is characterized by a perpetual motion, by a ferment of its own. Those who, like me, were born and raised here, in fact, know well that hers is only an apparent…

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October 31, 2022

Luci d’Artista, ATP Finals, Cioccola-Tò e molto altro. Gli eventi di novembre a Torino.

Malgrado la sua aria sempre composta ed elegante, sono solita dire che Torino è caratterizzata da un moto perpetuo, da un fermento tutto suo. Chi come me la conosce e la vive da sempre, infatti, sa bene che la sua è solo una calma apparente e che dietro a quel rigore logico e a quella…

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October 31, 2022


SWORD FISH SANDWICH WITH GUACAMOLE & MANGO. To brighten up your mid-August, I have prepared for you a quick, healthy recipe, overflowing with taste and bright colors… In just three words: Perfect-Food-Porn . For that’s the way I like it! Sandwich with grilled swordfish, guacamole, tomato and mango. It is beautiful, it is good, it is healthy….

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August 15, 2022

INCENTIVE TRAVEL PROPOSALS IN PIEDMONT | Elevate your upcoming business travel

Langhe & Wonders INCENTIVE TRAVEL PROPOSALS IN PIEDMONT Reward your employees with a totally tailor made Incentive Travel Proposal in the gorgeous and resourceful Piedmont region, Italy. Our incentive events and travel proposals are designed to provide you and your team with not just an impactful and deeper immersion into a destination but also to…

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July 13, 2022


GINO D’ACAMPO, the Italian celebrity chef living in the UK, and his gorgeous wife Jessica joined I EAT Food Tours in Turin! Jessie D’Acampo and her lovely mom Elizabeth, joining our chocolate experience in Turin Life is full of amazing surprises…are you with me? Well, it was just WOW to receive such vibrant, happy, awesome…

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May 30, 2022

Chocolate Talk with Giselle Weybrecht | I EAT Food Tours featured on Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Tour. Delight your palate and your spirit with the chocolate tour designed by I EAT Food Tours in Turin, Italy. Dear all, If you would like to join our virtual table, we will be delighted to share with you some beautiful stories about the charming chocolate universe made in Turin, Italy. A great virtual…

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March 30, 2022

I Eat.Food Tours & Events | Meet the Co-Founders

I EAT. Food Tours & Events. Cooking Classes, Culinary Vacation, Travel Planning. Hello, everyone! For those who have just came across our website, this is a fresh introduction about who we are. WHO WE ARE Cecilia Puca Meet Cecilia, your Event and Travel Planner in Piedmont, Italy. Italian sociologist- specialized in sociology of tourism. Culinary…

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January 18, 2022

Risotto Gli Aironi con crema di piselli | Ricetta by Chef Abram

Il Natale è ad un passo da noi, e, visto il suo rapido approssimarsi, abbiamo pensato di creare una ricetta  che contenesse un messaggio per noi importante in questo momento più che mai. Per farlo, ci siamo lasciati ispirati dal re dei cereali, il riso, e da piselli e castagne. Partiamo dal riso. Let your inner…

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December 16, 2021

Christmas Gift Vouchers Available | Elevate Your Christmas Gifts

So that’s the same old story: how can I surprise my partner/family/friends/colleagues with a not usual, thoughtful and delightful Xmas gift? Well, you know what’s new? We got the perfect solution for you. ‘Cause your dear ones may have everything they want already… Although they haven’t tasted the magic of our culinary experiences yet, right?…

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December 13, 2021

Cooking Events. Team Building Experience | I EAT Food Tours

Virtual Cooking Events:  delicious team engagement experiences. Virtual Events, as much as the In-person ones- are about human beings gathering together for sharing common goals and values. For creating community and connections. And so what’s one of the most powerful, transformative and inspirational tools that helps generating and nurturing a sense of belonging? Well, I…

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November 27, 2021

COOKING WITH CHEF ABRAM. Cooking Classes and Team Building in Turin, Italy.

COOKING WITH CHEF ABRAM. COOKING CLASSES AND TEAM BUILDING IN TURIN, ITALY. Cooking Team Building in Turin, Italy Infused with uniqueness, designed to stimulate creativity and made to increase collaboration, our lively team building cooking classes are led by Chef Abram, a Top International chef, and co-hosted by Cecilia Puca, culinary tourism strategist and event…

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November 1, 2021

Personal Travel Planning. Food, Wines and Beyond in Piedmont, Italy

Personal Travel Planning is my latest service aiming to help you discovering the marvellous Piedmont region going through its finest foods, wines… and beyond. If you are a curious palate and a wanderer that’s the place you must add in your bucket list. Holistic Travel Planning by Cecilia Hello, I am Cecilia and I am…

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June 18, 2021