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Chi siamo e cosa facciamo a Torino | I EAT. Food Tours

I EAT. Food Tours Vi racconto chi siamo e cosa facciamo nella splendida Torino I EAT. Food Tours nasce a Torino nel 2018, e nasce dal cuore e dalla mente di Cecilia Puca, sociologa ora specializzata in food tourism, e Abram Stringa, Michelin star trained chef e food concept designer di Utrecht, ormai…

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October 15, 2023

Personal Travel Planning. Food, Wines and Beyond in Piedmont, Italy

Personal Travel Planning is my latest service aiming to help you discovering the marvellous Piedmont region going through its finest foods, wines… and beyond. If you are a curious palate and a wanderer that’s the place you must add in your bucket list. Holistic Travel Planning by Cecilia Wellness, authentic food experiences and holistic travels

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June 18, 2021