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Chic Charms of Turin: Unveiling Style on a Shopping Adventure

Turin's Trendsetting Shopping Tour

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Shopping time has never been so fun and enriching! Get your own local shopping fairy and maximize your time in Turin on this private and fully customised experience.

Private Tour
Private Tour Each person

Shopping in Turin with your local shopping fairy

Shopping in a foreign city is challenging and time consuming?

Here’s the good news: Not anymore! Why is it so? Because you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, you have a local shopping fairy with whom navigate through a super fun, magical and efficient shopping tour.

Spend some time with her, who knows the language, the people and where to get an out of this world fantastic shopping experience.

This is the ideal experience for you if:

  • You are looking to find the smallest local shops that provide the best service, premium food products (… and great prices as well);
  • You love visiting  unique clothing, bags & perfumes boutiques and atelier (that sell at affordable prices);
  • You are intrigued by antique & vintage stuff , books, handmade-jewelry and curiosity shops;
  • You fond of luxury products from some famous Italian high-end brands;

The list could go on and on… Whether it’s your main shopping mission, your Shopping Fairy got you covered!

That’s why we like to have your wish list as soon as you possibly can, in order to customize the most memorable experience JUST-FOR-YOU! We love to show you every corner of Turin, with its magical, secret, hidden spots. This includes culinary gems and selected range of shops and ateliers that are unique to the city and not mentioned in any tourist guide.

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